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Friday, January 29, 2010

seek and do not find

Thanks to all who shared on "why Jesus was killed" -- great comments!

Those of us involved in spiritual practice (of whatever form) are seeking something: God, the truth, peace, enlightenment, or whatever. Could all this seeking be causing the problem we are trying to solve?

I did a little study about nine months ago on the idea of evil in the Christian Bible. It turns out that the term evil (or Devil, or Satan) is mentioned 563 times; 446 times in the Old Testament and 117 times in the New Testament. That's a lot!

I read each passage in context and concluded that in the Bible EVIL is THE IDEA OF MORE. It began in the garden with Adam and Eve being unsatisfied with paradise and wanting more. Check out your Bible and see if you agree with my conclusion.

So ... I'm suggesting that it is our endless seeking "something more" than is appearing right here right now that is causing our suffering. Said another way: it is our idea of how things ought to be conflicting with how things actually are in the present moment that causes all suffering. In silent meditation we can see this pattern clearly.

Can you see this pattern in yourself? How can it be that what's so right now is not enough? Are we tired of playing God yet?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why was he killed?

Good morning friends,

Thanks for your comments on "Jesus' essential teaching'. Yes, love and grace are the standard answers to this question. But, think about this: if someone went around professing love, compassion and forgiveness, why would that be so upsetting that he would be killed within a year of sharing that message. Is loving that upsetting! I bet something else was being taught that was terribly really upsetting to to the general community. What was he saying that was so radical that he was summarily killed? Awaiting your comments ...


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello Josh,

Your profound questions and doubts about spirituality and Christianity have moved me to start this blog ... a place where we can (and invite others) consider some of the hard questions that most churches avoid because they are in the business of "selling Jesus". They are not places, in general, where a rigorous search for the spiritual truth is undertaken.

Anyway, my first question for you (anyone reading this blog is welcome to chime in) is: What was Jesus' essential teaching? See if you can state it a few words.

Awaiting your thoughts ...