Discussion of spiritual practices: awakening, meditation, and the freedom that cannot be lost or found. All perspectives are welcome; advaita, christian, buddhist, islam or even no perspective at all. Just pointing to that which is nearest and dearest.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Silent meditation shines light on our delusions.  The big delusion is that we are in control[*].  Sitting in silence quickly proves that we cannot control anything including the next thought that arises in the mind.

We can change nothing BUT we can turn on the lights; meditation turns on the lights.

[*]To God belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth, and all matters are controlled by God.(Quran 3:109)

peace on you,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

There is no way to freedom; freedom is the way

Disappointment is the great lesson of an earnest meditation practice.  Sitting in Silence smashes expectations like elephants smash blades of grass as they walk quietly through a moist savannah.

Stop seeking freedom! It is our very seeking that hides what is always there.

“If you want to travel the Way of Buddhas and Zen masters, then expect nothing, seek nothing, and grasp nothing.” 
― Dōgen

peace on you,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

True Seeing

What is the purpose of meditation?  The Zen Buddhists claim that it is to see things as they ARE.  But how ARE things?

I like to call seeing things as they ARE “TRUE SEEING” - to see things absent my ideas of how things “OUGHT” to be.  

Meditation is at the root an emptying process - emptying all that I have ever learned or thought - a massive unlearning process.  At the end of this process it is clear that:

Nothing is mine:

To God belongs the east and the west; wherever you go there will be the presence of God. God is Omnipresent, Omniscient. (Quran 2:115)

God is in control of all things:

Such is God your Cherisher and Sustainer, there is no god except He, the Creator of all things. You shall worship Him alone. He is in control of all things. (Quran 6:102)

Everything I see in this life is temporary:

Know that this worldly life is no more than play and games, and boasting among you, and hoarding of money and children. It is like abundant rain that produces plants and pleases the disbelievers. But then the plants turn into useless hay, and are blown away by the wind. In the Hereafter there is either severe retribution, or forgiveness from God and approval. This worldly life is no more than a temporary illusion. (Quran 57:20)

peace on you,

Saturday, October 4, 2014


The mind is the human organ that excretes fantasy.   

fan·ta·sy noun \ˈfan-tə-sē, -zē\
: something that is produced by the imagination : an idea about doing something that is far removed from normal reality

Silent meditation reminds us of this fact. This is why meditators, from time to time, break into spontaneous laughter while practicing.

peace on you,