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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

not mine

Meditation is the practice of seeing things as they ARE, not seeing them as I think they OUGHT to be.  In other words, meditation is planting both feet smack in the middle of Truth.

The mother of all suffering is ‘me’-ing and ‘mine’-ing.  That is, believing that things, people, thoughts, emotions are 'yours'.  They are not!

Everything belongs to God … This is clear either through cold hard logic or through the words of all the prophets of God.

From the Quran [Chapter 3: verse 109]
To God belongs what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and to God, all matters will be returned.

A most freeing meditation is to simply notice that anything that arises in awareness during the Silent period is not ‘mine’ - that is it belongs to God.  

Some examples:

I might think of ‘my’ car - then notice that in truth it is not ‘mine’ - then mentally state:  NOT MINE.  This is an easy one.  The manufacturer of the car called it ‘his’, the dealer that sold the car called it ‘mine’, you will call it ‘mine’, the next person who ‘owns’ the car will call it ‘mine’, and the metal recycler will call it ‘his’.

I might feel an ache in ‘my’ foot - then mentally state:  NOT MINE. This one is easy too as ‘you’ did nothing to create it or repair it when it needs work.

I might hear the sound of water running - then mentally state:  NOT MINE. Totally easy to see that it is not ‘yours’ - the water does not know it belongs to ‘you’.

Give it a try … such freedom in the Truth.  Ohhh don’t forget to thank God for all these gifts - all that arises in awareness.

peace on you,


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